ORDO restaurant

Mission with taste

The “Ordo” restaurant in Nidzicki Castle combines tradition and modernity. It is housed in the historical walls of a 14th-century stronghold and this means that it must meet a number of conservation requirements. Therefore, the designer and doctor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź – Łukasz Nawrot were invited to participate in the interior design. The mission of working in such facilities is always to find a compromise between what is new and exposing the assets of the facility.

– We used floral motifs – frescoes on the walls, we painted them by hand – nowadays, and the designs have been moved from the fourteenth-century castle chapel. Many details were prepared by an artist and a craftsman – a blacksmith. This is how the door design was made, referring to the Gothic arch. As part of the restaurant’s operation, we have established cooperation with one of Warsaw’s managers. However, it should be emphasized that the chef is a resident of Nidzica – Head Hanna Kij, they say about her “a woman with taste”. We create the menu using local products.

– In current trends, it is equally important to look for flavors in the field: in the meadow, by the lake, in the forest or by the sea. Hence nature, old cookbooks and forgotten recipes, become our inspiration and are adapted to modern cuisine. Our menu is based on regional and seasonal products of the highest quality.

– Ambitious, talented and increasingly famous chefs presented by various TV stations offer us Polish cuisine in a modern setting – local, multicultural, molecular and simply tasty. On the one hand, lakes, forests and forests, venison, fish, herbs, forest fruit, tinctures and cheese. On the other – culinary traditions of Lithuanians, Belarusians, Jews, Tatars and Poles – explains Manager of the hotel and restaurant.

In the preface to “Polish Cuisine of the 21st Century”, Wojciech Modest Amaro emphasizes the multiculturalism of old Poland and defends the thesis not to “limit Polishness to a plate of pork chops and cabbage.” In his opinion “… Polish cuisine is equally European, Italian, French, Oriental, Jewish, Armenian or Byzantine – because it was in the territory of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that a unique blend was created, which contemporary Poles have the privilege and duty to use.”

The scene of the new Polish cuisine is dynamic and is constantly changing. New places and concepts are created – not necessarily in large cities.

Restaurant Ordo