Security policy

Safety procedures for defrosting individual zones in the Hotel Zamek chain in Nidzica.

 The hotel at the Castle in Nidzica prepared a set of procedures related to care for the health and safety of guests and employees during the defrosting of the hotel and their individual zones (general zones such as lobby, corridors, toilets, reception zone, rooms, restaurants / bars, conference).

1.Hotel employees and care for the safety of our guests:

For the sake of the highest care in terms of the safety of guests and our employees, we have committed ourselves to comply with the following provisions of the principles prepared by us:

  • all our Hotel employees self-assess their health status before arriving at work in accordance with
  • In addition, each Hotel Employee as well as employees of cooperating companies are required to:
  • In a designated place in the Hotel, take a body temperature measurement using a non-contact thermometer for each person who is a Hotel Employee or Employee of our Partners;
  • Our Employees and Employees of our Subcontractors are admitted to professional activities only when their temperature does not exceed 38 ℃ and they do not show other symptoms such as: cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, breathing problems;
  • if the temperature exceeds 38 ℃ or symptoms such as cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, breathing problems, Workers are not allowed to work and are advised to follow GIS guidelines;
  • All Hotel Employees and Employees of our Subcontractors are required to submit a “Statement regarding their own assessment of their health”. Submission of a declaration is associated with obtaining permission to admit Employees to their workplaces;
  • The management has been obliged to systematically verify the health of subordinate employees and provide assistance if necessary;
  • We implement a security policy. For the sake of health of all of us, we obliged our employees to use personal protection equipment such as helmets, masks and gloves. We apply these principles depending on the job position. We have implemented many security solutions for our guests, including special covers at our hotel reception desks and the availability of antibacterial gels.
  • All our employees and employees of our cooperators use indications for the systematic use of disinfectants when performing their official duties in the care of safety in our hotels and restaurants;
  • We applied the principle of maintaining a minimum distance of 2 meters between employees performing their official duties and we used the same distance for our guests.
  • We regularly disinfect and ventilate hotel spaces.

1.General areas (corridors, lobbies, lobbies, toilets):

  • The general zones of each Hotel constitute a publicly accessible public space, in which an absolute mandate to use masks by both Hotel Employees and Hotel Guests is binding (in accordance with GIS guidelines );
  • Only persons who are registered Guests may stay in our Hotel;
  • In the entrance area to the Hotel there is information about the maximum number of people who can stay at the Hotel;
  • In the same part of the Hotel there are gels for hand disinfection, in accordance with the instructions and with instructions for effective hand disinfection;
  • Disinfection of halls and corridors is carried out using certified means and tools;
  • Thorough and regular disinfection of public toilets is carried out at the Hotel;
  • In every public toilet on the Hotel premises, instructions on how to wash your hands correctly and effectively are provided;
  • In the entrance area to the toilets there are gels for hand disinfection, in accordance with the instructions together with the instructions for effective hand disinfection;
  • Regular disinfection of places particularly exposed to touch is carried out, such as: door handles, countertops at reception, tables in general areas, handrails;
  • It maintains common spaces regularly to ensure an even better circulation of fresh air;
  • We systematically check the quality of work performed in the field of disinfection of general zones, by performing regular quality checks of our staff by the management;

III. Reception Area:

  • In our Hotel you will find at the Reception desk information on the maximum number of people who can stay in a given part of the facility;
  • In each room you will find a mask prepared for each person in the room [up to two people per room]. You can also buy an additional mask at the Reception shop.
  • Special covers were installed at the Hotel Reception to provide a safe space for guests and employees;
  • In visible and an easily accessible place at each hotel reception ensures the availability of hand sanitizer gels for guests;
  • We have introduced safety areas in front of the Reception to keep a safe distance between guests (minimum 2 meters);
  • We minimize the time necessary to complete the check-in procedure at the Reception, to the shortest possible presence of our guests in this zone;
  • For the sake of our common safety and health, as we do in the case of every Hotel Employee starting work, we also measure its temperature before the check-in process begins. In the event of an elevated temperature, minimum 38 ℃ (when measuring with a non-contact thermometer) or other visible symptoms such as cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, breathing problems, the employee has the right not to check in, but it should be repeated to confirm the situation with elevated temperature. In each such case, the Employee must prepare documentation and for this purpose complete a statement on behalf of the Guest giving reasons for not checking in. At the same time, such a situation is reported to the Management Team.
  • Cashless payments are preferred. ” We secured our payment terminals with foil, which we regularly replace;
  • When signing a registration card, our guests use pens that we disinfect after each use;
  • The keys are disinfected after each use by guests. We have introduced a key quarantine system that lasts 72 hours. Only after this period the keys are reused;
  • Telephone numbers for Sanepid and addresses of the nearest pharmacies are available at the Reception;
  • We provide systematic information to guests about security procedures in force at the hotel.

1.Hotel rooms zone: / room quarantine /:

  • To ensure the safety of guests and employees, we have introduced the sale of rooms in a rotational system, which consists of the following principles:
  • Taking care of employees and guests, we start cleaning the room 48 hours after the Guest leaves the room;
  • Our reception desks block every room for re-sale for 72 hours after the Guest leaves for the time of cleaning the room and necessary disinfection prior to arrival of the next Guest. In our Hotel we implemented disinfection through the method of room ozonation;
  • We have introduced the principle of deliberate distribution of guests in the Hotel structure, which means that we minimize the number of guests staying in rooms on a given floor and corridor in accordance with the recommendations indicated by the Ministry of Development at other-place-hosts;
  • The process of careful decontamination of rooms is carried out using only certified cleaning agents and certified tools;
  • We work with a certified Laundry, whose washing process for towels and bed linen is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene. The washing process takes place entirely at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius;

1.Restaurant / Bar Area:

  • We have introduced a special breakfast menu from which the Guest the day before chooses items that are individually prepared for him and brought by the Waiter to the room or are ready to be picked up at the Reception as part of the take-out service in accordance with the indication of catering provided by restaurants and hotel bars in Regulation;
  • We have introduced the option of ordering meals outside breakfast to provide individual service to guests. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to choose dishes from the à la carte menu and order them as part of room service to the room;
  • We prefer cashless payments and in the “BLIK” system. We secured our payment terminals with foil, which we regularly replace;
  • When signing the invoice for orders for a room account as part of a stay at the Hotel, our guests use pens that we disinfect after each use, the same principle applies to issued à la carte menu cards;

Conference area:

  • Conference rooms are available on the terms described in current law in accordance with the regulation indicated at
  • At the entrance to the Conference Rooms, access to hand disinfectant gels was provided for conference participants;
  • Before each conference, our technical services disinfect tables, chairs, TV remote, projector remote control, flipchart, markers, hangers and other details of conference equipment in the room;
  • We ventilate conference rooms before and after the conference to ensure proper circulation of fresh air.
  • For security reasons and applicable restrictions, we do not make coffee breaks in conferences during conferences.

To ensure the safety of conference participants, we have introduced the implementation of conferences in rooms in a rotational system, which consists in the fact that, as part of the possible availability of this solution, subsequent use of the conference room takes place 48 hours after it was left by the previous conference group.