Restaurant Ordo at the Castle in Nidzica – wedding offer – PLN 200 per person

Information on the organization of the Wedding:

The price includes:
– room rental
– basic table decoration (white tablecloths, plates, cutlery, tablecloth compositions)
– waiter service
– room for the bride and groom – FREE!
– welcome with bread and salt
– Champagne lamp for spouses and guests
– free parking
– extensive menu


– the price does not include: alcohol and cake (of course, we can advise you on a good confectionery offer)
– we do not offer guest transport (we can provide the telephone number of the transport company with which we cooperate)
– organization of corrections for an additional fee.

The wedding party starts at your appointed time and ends at 5.00 the next day.

In the case of children (up to 2 years old) we do not charge a fee due to the lack of benefits.

Children up to 12 years pay 100 PLN / child.
On request, we include vegetarian, vegan and other food options.
For dates other than Saturday – discount.
Changes are possible in the menu.

Wedding menu:


Soup (1 to choose):
– Chicken noodle soup
– Mushroom cream with puff croutons
– Spinach cream with almonds

Main course (2 to choose):

– Pork tenderloin stuffed with dried tomatoes on honey mustard sauce
– Pork roulade stuffed with chicken in mushroom sauce
– Turkey fillet in almond sauce
-Schab in blue sauce

Cold plate:
– Roast meat platter
– Tartar under the cover of onions and capers
– Chicken and pork jellies
– Chicken galantine
– Herring in three ways (in cream, in oil, in Kashubian)
– Two types of salads (to choose: vegetable, mushroom, gyros, with grilled chicken)
– Spring dish
– Pickles

I Hot dish (1 to choose):
– Knight’s roast in Hungarian sauce served with noodles and chanterelles Grilled chicken leg stuffed with meat and vegetables served with new potatoes and mushroom sauce

II Hot dish (1 to choose):
-Hussar roast with Silesian dumplings and beetroot “Komtura” cutlet with baked potatoes and red cabbage

III Hot dish (1 to choose):
– Monk’s chant on mushroom sauce
– Pork lobule in good company.

IV Hot dish (1 to choose):
– Red beetle with patty
– Old Polish sour rye soup with lard

Sweet table:

– three types of cake to choose (cheesecake, apple pie, fruit on a biscuit, carrot, tofii, currant), seasonal fruit on platters.
Drinks: coffee, tea, fruit juice, mineral water, carbonated drinks (pepsi, 7up, mirindabe without restrictions)

ORDO restaurant at the Castle in Nidzica

Presents the wedding menu offer for 2020

I dish (1 dish to choose from):
– homemade chicken soup with pasta or dumplings
– boletus cream with croutons
– Broccoli cream with puff peas

II course (served on platters, 2 portions of meat per person,
4 types to choose):
– stuffed beef roulade or roast beef
– roasted rabbit leg under a blanket of blanched vegetables (back)
– Chicken fillet in pistachio buffer and blinking
– poultry pockets stuffed with spinach and feta cheese
– neck with garlic
– Pork roulade sleeping on rocket salad
– Freaky pork roulade stuffed with vegetables
– lazy ropes floating in cream
– pike under the leek blanket

Sauces (2 to choose):
– dark baking
– light roast
– Mushroom
– boletus

Additions to the main course (2 suggestions to choose from):
– Silesian noodles
– potatoes with dill
– Baked Potatoes
– chips

Salads (3 to choose):
– White cabbage
– Red cabbage
– Celery salad with raisins
– beetroot with onion
– Chinese cabbage salad
– cucumber salad
– a bouquet of cooked vegetables

Cold plate:
served on the table (4 to choose)
– board of roast meat (pork, pork, pate, bacon)
– cheese board
– chicken poultry
– tomato with mozzarella
– Stuffed ham rolls

Served on a buffet (5 to choose from):
– Stuffed ham rolls with horseradish mousse
– beef tartare
– stuffed eggs (3 types)
– Spinach roulades stuffed with salmon with horseradish cheese or salmon muffins
– Herring in oil
– Herring in cream
– Korean variation
– Pork Jelly

– fish in pepper and onion lagging

Salads (3 to choose):
– Greek salad
– Salad with smoked chicken, pasta, corn and paprika
– Traditional Vegetable Salad
– broccoli salad
– royal salad
– gyros salad

I Dinner (1 choice to choose):
– salmon served with a bouquet of vegetables and a fluffy garlic dip
– angry neck of tabasco and mushrooms served with potatoes and sauerkraut salad
– crazy pork shashlik with colorful rice and iceberg lettuce salad
– hunter’s venison soup

II Dinner (1 choice to choose):
– stuffed leg with fries and salad
– beef tamer
– crispy wings with rice and seasonal vegetable salad
– Goulash soup

Third dinner (one choice):
– red borscht served with a croquette or patty with meat filling or with cabbage and mushrooms
– goulash with boiled potato pancake and carrot and apple salad
– sour soup
– Guts

Examples of vegetarian suggestions:

– breaded camembert,
– canneloni with spinach,
– vegetable skewers,
– Stuffed vegetables
– Vegetable casseroles,
– potato pancakes
– Grilled zucchini slices,
– vegetable and fruit salads.
– dumplings with chickpeas or porridge

Sweet table (3 types of cake to choose):
– royal cheesecake
– Apple pie
– fluffy cheesecake
– Tiramisu
– Toffee
– Cupcakes
– seasonal fruit
– coffee
– tea

Fruit juices, mineral water with lemon and mint served on the table unlimited
Carbonated drinks on the buffet unlimited
Cake on your own

Lunch (1 type of meat to choose from plus the menu from the previous day)
– pork neck with Silesian dumplings and salad
– de volaille cutlet with potatoes with dill and salad
– pork chop with fries and salad

Children under 3 years free
Children aged 4-9 years -50% of the price PLN 110
Price per adult 220 PLN
Price for corrections PLN 70

Country table around PLN 1200 – 100 people
The cost of renting a room in a hotel in the Castle – to be agreed

Contact to place orders:
landline: 89-519-05-00
Mobile: 661-093-462
e-mail address:

We cordially invite you!